Vodafone creates memorable experience with Ogury Ad Chooser

February 2, 2022

Vodafone is a leading telecommunications company in the UK. With new legislation coming into force to give consumers greater flexibility over their mobile phone contracts, Vodafone needed to drive awareness and consideration of its new offering for sole traders. Vodafone partnered with Ogury to identify and reach a specific audience on mobile with impactful, engaging and fully on-screen formats.


Vodafone launched a new solution for its business customers, giving them greater flexibility and control of their digital lives. The Vodafone EVO for Sole Traders offering enables business customers to pay for their phone and airtime separately, creating a monthly plan that suits their needs. Vodafone needed a mobile technology partner that could accurately identify its target audience and reach them at scale with engaging video ads in a brand-safe and fraud-free environment, all while respecting consumer privacy. 


Ogury leveraged its proprietary audience data to define the sole traders. These are individuals who operate their own business with no employees. Therefore, they wear multiple hats from social media manager to e-commerce manager and executive assistant. Knowing these behaviors, and the apps and sites they frequently use, enabled Ogury to pinpoint the audience to ensure the campaign reached the most motivated sole traders in the UK. 

Ogury delivered the campaign to sole traders using its proprietary method Ad Chooser to drive brand awareness with impactful fully on-screen videos. With Ad Chooser, the consumer can select their ad experience, which boosts their ability to remember the ad. 

Vodafone ad chooser

Ogury Ad Chooser


Thanks to Ogury’s solution, the campaign achieved an average VCR of 89% and viewability of 94%. Moreover, the campaign Impact Survey reported a 77% lift in ad recall among those who had seen the ad, indicating that it was memorable and had been delivered to the intended audience. 

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